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Car gets hit by tornado all windows explode! PART 1 (First half)

Second half continues in Part 2. There is more with Large hail, blood and the damages. This is the first hand footage that was on the news that was not sho.\r\n\r\nFirst Person Tornado Strike.\r\n\r\nOn Sunday afternoon 4/14/2013 a waterspout came on shore as a tornado in Eastpoint, FL. When it came on shore it hit our restaurant directly. No one was hurt.\r\n\r\nI decided to buy the 2011 Tornado Strike off Amazon for it's stock. I figured I'd make an unboxing video, a slow motion firing test, and show off what it loo.\r\n\r\nMultiple tornadoes were reported across Mississippi late Monday afternoon. A large tornado carved through the Tupelo, Miss. area Monday at around 2:45 p.m. l.\r\n\r\nCBS News RAW: Surveillance video shows the moment the tornado struck Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. TSA agents can be seen running to escape flying.\r\n\r\nIn April 2011 a deadly tornado hit Tuscaloosa, AL. One group of friends took cover in a bathroom as the twister tore their house apart. See more on Tornado 3.\r\n\r\nThis is my unboxing and review of the super soaker Tornado Strike. No real modding potential here, but I sure do like the clip fed water blaster with shotgun.\r\n\r\nDangerous tornadoes sweep through Mississippi in wake of Isaac. For more: \r\n\r\nTips for staying safe when caught outside during a severe storm. For more, click here: \r\n\r\nTHIS YEAR WE WILL SEE MEGA STORMS.BE PREPARED YOUR LIFE MAY DEPEND APON IT US Killer tornado strikes northern Texas, delivering major losses.\r\n\r\nMike Bettes and his crew from The Weather Channel were storm chasing when they found themselves taking a direct hit from a tornado. The 200 yard journey he a.\r\n\r\nOKLAHOMA CITY -- Emergency officials set out Saturday morning to see how much damage a violent burst of thunderstorms and tornadoes caused as it swept across.\r\n\r\nOur cameras caught three tornadoes in Northwest Oklahoma as severe weather struck the state Saturday afternoon.\r\n\r\nNorthern Italy (Cryptid Observation Location) Natural Environment (Organization) Tornado Strikes Milan Italy Tornado in Northern Italy Huge Tornado hits Mila.\r\n\r\nHuge Tornado Caught on VIDEO CCTV Security Camera Shows Tornado 2014 Huge Tornado Caught on VIDEO CCTV Security Camera Shows Tornado Huge Tornado Caught on VIDEO CCTV Security Camera Shows.\r\n\r\nTornadoes strike Oklahoma in the US central territory Huge tornado hit Oklahoma, Deadly Tornadoes caught on camera april 2014 Moments of tornado hit Kansas, .\r\n\r\n11 17 2013 Tornado Washington,IL Video 11 17 2013 Tornado Washington,IL video 11 17 2013 Tornado Washington,IL video 11 17 2013 Tornado Washington,IL video 1.\r\n\r\nİn the world every day increasing in popularity, anyone who has internet and computer can earn money in an easy way You can now register on the link below to start earning. .\r\n\r\nNorth Carolina Tornado April 2014 North Carolina Storm Video North Carolina Tornado Caught On Tape North Carolina Storms North Carolina Tornadoes North Carol.\r\n\r\nTornado Rips Oklahoma Storm Tears Across Midwest, 51 Dead 20 Children Texas Tornado Twisters Damage Homes Near Dallas; Fatalities.\r\n\r\nArkansas Tornado Damage Aerial Video 4-27-2014 Drone video I shot right after the tornado moved through just south of Mayflower, Arkansas. Mayflower Tornado .\r\n\r\nA news crew takes cover from a tornado under a highway overpass, and their cameras catch it on tape.\r\n\r\nSeveral tornadoes ripped through parts of northern and central Illinois late Sunday morning to leave a trail of destruction that included leveled homes, over.\r\n\r\ storm chaser Brandon Sullivan and his chase partner Brett Wright got caught in the tornado and slammed with debris northwest of Union C.