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Mississippi's Only Abortion Clinic May Be Shut Down

The owners of Mississippi's only abortion clinic are headed back to federal court in another attempt to stop a new state law which could close its doors -- .\r\n\r\nTYT140 - A Lot of News in a Little Time Top stories for April 29, 2014: - NBA Commissioner Adam Silver bans Clippers owner Donald Silver (full story here: - Polls show.\r\n\r\nA court in New Orleans will hear arguments today that could result in the closure of Mississippi's only abortion clinic. The case is just one of many abortion battles being fought across the.\r\n\r\nMississippi's latest attempt to close its sole abortion clinic has been challenged as unconstitutional in an 11th hour legal challenge filed in a federal co.\r\n\r\nFederal judge grants an injunction against a Mississippi anti-abortion law that would close the states only abortion clinic.\r\n\r\nFrom the Majority Report, live M-F 12 noon EST and via daily podcast at : A judge has ordered that Mississippi's only abortion clinic is to.\r\n\r\nPart 1: Clinic staff face anti-abortion protestors every day. Both groups feel God is on their side. Part 2: Clinic owner and anti-abortion advocates have di.\r\n\r\nRepublicans are trying hard to shut down the only abortion provider in Mississippi. Follow Me Twitter: @RawSanity Tumblr: Follow.\r\n\r\nFederal judge temporarily block an anti-abortion law that would close the state's sole abortion clinic.\r\n\r\nThe future of Mississippi's only abortion clinic is in the hands of a judge. A federal judge will hear arguments about whether to extend his temporary block .\r\n\r\nMississippi's only abortion clinic is open after a federal judge temporarily blocked enforcement of a law the clinic says could regulate it out of business.\r\n\r\ncnn fox news abc news news24 nbc news cnn news breaking news latest news ny daily news e news new daily news bbcnews tamil news detroit news syria news news in hindi world news ctv news employment.\r\n\r\nA Judge could have closed Mississippi last abortion clinic, Catholic Bishop warns France Don't go gay marriage and New Zealand will vote on Gay Marriage to.\r\n\r\nRaw video of a medical emergency at Jackson Women's Health Organization, August 7, 2013. Abortionist Bruce Norman has not hospital privileges. MS passed a la.\r\n\r\nAs state governments across the United States continue to pass laws restricting women's access to abortion, reproductive rights advocate Dr. Willie Parker ex.\r\n\r\nThis clip compiled by Subscribe to the original show this clip is from at Hear this clip in context on Best o.\r\n\r\nA federal judge orders an extension of his temporary order to allow Mississippi's only abortion clinic to stay open.\r\n\r\nA federal judge has temporarily blocked the state of Mississippi from revoking the license of the state's only abortion clinic.\r\n\r\nOver 100 reproductive rights supporters stood in solidarity with Jackson Women's Health Organization on Aug. 17. People came from Houston, Atlanta and Kentuc.\r\n\r\nMississippi The First U.S. State With No Abortion Clinic.\r\n\r\nMississippi's only abortion clinic remains in legal limbo as a judge considers new anti-abortion state legislation. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTub.\r\n\r\n - Voters in Mississippi have overwhelmingly defeated an amendment to establish that a fertilized human egg is a person, despite support .\r\n\r\nMississippi Governor Phil Bryant is the proud supporter of a bill that could effectively shut down Mississippi's only abortion clinic, which is located in Ja.\r\n\r\nStates of Refuge is focusing on closing the last abortion clinic in 5 states which have only one abortion clinic. Mississippi is looking very promising as be.\r\n\r\nMississippi's only abortion clinic is fighting to stay open.