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Stiles & Malia Kissing During Homework 4x03 on Teen Wolf | 7-7-14

Stiles and Malia have their third kiss in episode 3 of season 4. THEY ARE THE CUTEST COUPLE EVER. All rights go to Teen Wolf, MTV.\\r\\n\\r\\nTEEN WOLF - SEASON 4 - EPISODE 3 SHELLEY HENNIG (AGE 27) - HORROR DRAMA Season 4, Episode 51 - Muted A new Freshman player jeopardizes Scott\\'s position on the Lacrosse team; Stilinksi investigat.\\r\\n\\r\\nVideo About Stiles and Malia (Stalia) From TV series Teen Wolf i think that i prefer Stiles and Lydia but also this couple it\\'s very cute specially Malia. And You what do you think ? Witch.