9 Mart 2014 Pazar


I do not own anything. All rights go to the CW. If you liked my video, please subscribe my channel. It would make me very happy. I would also like if you lef. \n \nPlease, watch in 720p! My backup channel: Thanks for watching. Hope u like it. No Copyright Infringement Intended. \n \nWatch in High Quality - WAY BETTER!!! First off I do not own any part of twilight or this song. For entertainment purposes only!! This song is called Hot N C. \n \nSummary: AU set three months after Twilight. Bella experiences a terrible betrayal when Mike brutally rapes her during a get-together at his house while Edwa. \n \nHere you go Gill! Finaly I finished a video for you, theres another along the way- not sure how long itll take but its coming. I love you! This one was a . \n \nI heard this song on Glee and it just reminded me of Edwards Hot